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Welcome to Infinity

Loyalty that pays and the rewards are infinite.

Introducing a new way of earning rewards. Infinity Loyalty Rewards will start one month after token launch. No staking, no farming, just simply hodl. No high transaction fees in order to earn through redistribution or reflection.  

Your loyalty is enough to earn. A tier reward system based on, nothing else than, loyalty. How much you hodl and how long you hodl will determine your earned interest.

Additional details to be unveiled during launch month, October 2021.

Scattered Coins


  • No minimum to earn interest

  • Earn up to 60% APY*

Japanese Calendar


  • Snapshots are performed monthly

  • Rewards are distributed monthly at the beginning of each month



  • No sign up required

  • It's pure and simple, just hodl

  • The more you hodl, the more you earn

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*variable; subject to change

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