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What is Trilogy?

  • A tokenized solution for social marketing.

  • Services are designed to assist Influencers and Brands that are in need of that little marketing nudge to reach a wider audience with speed.

What are Trilogy tokens?

  • A community driven utility token used to render marketing services.

How are Trilogy tokens used?

  • STAR members that hold a minimum amount of Trilogy tokens in their wallet will have access to marketing services.

  • Marketing services will be available based upon a 3-tier token system (i.e. clients that hold X amount of tokens will have access to Service 1; clients that hold Y amount of tokens will have access to Service 2; clients that hold Z amount of tokens will have access to Service 3).

When will marketing services start?

  • A trial phase will occur during the first 8 months of the project.

  • The trial period will test out various marketing strategies.

  • During this phase, STAR members will receive airdrops and marketing services in exchange for 3 sponsored videos for Trilogy.

  • STAR members will have the option to sign up for additional marketing services after the trial phase ends, as long as they hold the required minimum of Trilogy tokens in their wallet.

Do I have to be a STAR member to purchase Trilogy tokens?

Absolutely not. Trilogy tokens are available for purchase to the general public.

As a STAR member, will I have to pay for your marketing services with my tokens?

Yes but, only a percentage. You will be required to pay for our services with 80% of your tokens.  50% of the tokens you render to use our services will be added to our liquidity pool and the remaining 50% will be burnt. The remaining Trilogy tokens you purchased are yours to keep or sell.

How do I purchase Trilogy tokens?

Trilogy tokens will be available for purchase on August 31, 2021. Additional details will be released in our telegram group. The tokens will be initially released on Pancakeswap.

How do I access Pancakeswap?

You will need to download Metamask or Trust Wallet in Google Play or App Store. Metamask is also available to download as a browser extension. 

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